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Our corporate and company secretarial services enable our clients to ensure statutory compliance obligations with practical and procedural support. We support all aspects of your corporate secretarial requirements and operations to maintain the highest standards of corporate governance. 

HR Outsourcing & Consultancy

Simpla provides bespoke FCA and PRA regulatory support and consulting assistance to newly started or firmly established businesses operating throughout Europe in the fields of:

HR advice tailored to specific organisational requirements.

Allow Simpla to take on the burden and responsibility of your employment risk with operationally and commercially effective outsourced solutions and HR consultancy.
Policy Writing
Drafting and implementation of statutory and non-statutory policies, ensuring legislation compliance.  Including but are not limited to Maternity, paternity, disciplinary, grievance, family-friendly, absence and leave, company vehicles, redundancy, equal opportunities, intellectual property, whistleblowing, social media, flexible working.
Policy audits of the existing documentation to preserve compliance and develop non-statutory information that reflects the organisation's values and vision.
Restructuring & Redundancy
Our advisory services support clients dealing with small and large scale restructuring processes to mitigate procedural risk, deliver efficiencies and refocus on profitability.
We support our clients with bespoke development and training and place as much importance on the employee professional development as we do in the research and development of the organisation.

We aim to enable organisations to hire staff with personal attitudes and professional skills that will allow them to develop their long-term careers.

Our approach to developing people is based on supporting clients to ensure they provide their employees with the relevant knowledge and tools that they need.

We do this by promoting a common set of values and ensuring that training is always relevant and communicated effectively.
Performance Management and Employee Engagement
We work with our clients to identify and carry out improvements to the way you work that reflects strong company values that align to strategy and objectives.
Ensuring that high performance is rewarded effectively as well as creating strategies to manage low performance.
We help organisations demonstrate transparency concerning career development to create higher levels of empowerment and accountability.
Recruitment & Retention
It is vital to an organisation's success that they attract, select and retain the best people. It is critical to provide continuous learning opportunities in exciting, challenging frameworks to recruit and retain the best talent.
Learning & Development
We seek to encourage our clients to provide opportunities for personal growth and professional development.
We believe that talented people increasingly want to work in companies that commit to their employees' long-term development.
Talent Management
We update and improve talent management processes to ensure that our clients always have a diverse supply of talented candidates by;
  • Developing new partnerships to improve diversity and access to higher-quality candidates.
  • Implementing more robust selection processes and raise pre-screening pass thresholds.
  • Increasing representation to reflect the diversity of the organisations they work with to meet the respective clients' evolving requirements.
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